introduction to presto panel

Presto Panel is a 207mm (8 ¼") wide profile rollformed in hi-tensile galvanised steel. It has two 29mm (1 ⅛") hills and three valleys. The edges are rolled and can be interlocked together. The depth of the hills give the profile incredible strength. The fact that there are two hills guarantees the profile is rigid and durable. The undulation between the hills and the valleys gives dimension to the panel which creates visibility for animals. Presto Panel is rollformed in 5 different thicknesses. Presto Panel is manufactured from quality G550 hi-tensile steel, the propensities of this steel are that it is light-weight and strong with high deflection. What this means for you is less maintenance and longer lifespan.

the presto panel advantage

  • Presto Panel can be custom cut
  • Presto Panel can be curved to your specified radius
  • Presto Panel is available in colour
  • Presto Panel can be interlocked to form solid walls
  • Presto Panel is safe – reverse rolled edges
  • Presto Panel is easy to erect – tek screw in three valleys
  • Presto Panel is visible to animals with a wide profile that has depth and dimension
  • Presto Panel has extra width which means you use less rails to create effective flow in stockyards
  • Presto Panel has a large surface area to minimise animal bruising
  • Presto Panel has guaranteed longevity with hi-tensile steel + heavy galvanised coatings
  • Presto Panel has quality customer service and ongoing support
Click Here to Download the specs of Presto Panel.