project description:

Increased strength is gained by using Presto panel for shed cladding. Presto can be utilized in areas that are susceptible to damage and require a higher tensile rating than standard shed cladding. The 29mm (1 ⅛") depth of the profile’s ribs, give it increased strength and rigidity. There are 5 thicknesses of hi-tensile steel available; this means that you are able to get the exact strength that you require. The unique interlocking feature is utilized when applied as wall cladding, this ensures that your structures will be extra strong (due to the horizontal support of the panel clipping into itself) as well as watertight and vermin proof.

Why Presto Panel is the best solution:

In the field of cladding Presto offers you an effective method to re-inforce areas prone to damage. It is supplied cut to your specifications which enables you to span and attach to your supports. Due to the strength of hi-tensile steel, the panel would complement the load bearing qualities of the existing structure. The Presto Panel is simply attached with tek screws in the three flat valleys.