project description:

Presto Panel is un-paralleled in its use for safety railing. With the panel’s smooth finish and rolled edges it is safe and strong. Whether for safety railing on mezzanines, solid barrier walling, kick railing to walkways or barricades. It is ideal for extra re-inforcing to shed walling and is a deterrent to the onslaughts of forklift damage. Available in 5 thicknesses of hi-tensile steel Presto offers you strength and rigidity and yet still maintains a streamline and light weight structure. Easy to erect, with lengths being cut to size and attached with fasteners in the three flat sections of the steel. The analysis of the profile is located on page 17 of the Presto Handbook; this will provide you with the deflection properties of the panel.

Why Presto Panel is the best solution:

The qualities of hi-tensile galvanised and colour coated Presto Panel guarantee you a long lasting and durable structure.