project description:

From this project emerged a circular out-door eating area with semi-circle formations for garden retaining walls. The circles created a flow, like a river bend, or a snake one way and then the opposite way, to mirror the effect. The internal wall was engineered to hold the concrete in place yet it would remain and offer the structure extra re-enforcing after the concrete had set. The external wall designed to hold the wet concrete and to be removed after it had set. The Presto Panel on the external wall was faced on the inside with flat sheet. When removed this would ensure a smooth edge, however it required the strength of the Presto profile behind , for support whilst the concrete set. The two walls encased steel beams that were used as footings and also to hold the reinforcing rods in place. Because the edges of the Presto Panel could be butted up together close to each other, it provided a consistent wall for the concrete to set to.

Why Presto Panel is the best solution:

Presto Panel has the unique ability to curve to a specified radii and is capable to hold strong in the desired shape. It will not warp and twist, and it can removed and re-used if desired.