Project Description:

The thickness used for the side railings of this livestock trailer was 1.5mm hi-tensile galvanised Presto Panel. For heightened strength 6 panels were interlocked together, and then where the animal would not apply pressure, the rails were spaced. When the Presto Panel is interlocked it is wind resistant and when spaced it allows for more flow. This can also be a reason why you would choose this scenario. The sharp edges have been cut and folded down for safety, this is called a budget ending and can be achieved using the steps on page 19 of the Presto Handbook.

You are able to weld Presto Panel; however treating the weld points is critical as it does weaken the galvanised coating. A worthwhile alternative is M8 x 30mm Taptite for attachment. The M8 x 30mm is a self-threading screw. The tek is 10mm near the hex head and tapers down to 8mm at the entry point. Drill an 8mm hole and then as it screws in, it threads itself in and will not work loose as would a typical tek screw. This tek also has a large surface area, (greater than a rivet) yet is housed neatly in the valley of the Presto Panel.

Why Presto Panel is the best solution:

Presto Panel offers you a durable, safe and maintenance free approach to livestock carrying. Its biggest drawcard is the fact it is hi-tensile and whilst that offers greater strength, your structures are lightweight, which enables you to carry more animals. The profile is the same for all 5 thicknesses, you are able to change to different thicknesses in your trailer, (thicker gauge for high pressure, thinner gauge for less pressure) and yet still maintain the aesthetics. With Presto Panel we custom cut your lengths this ensures minimal joins and facillitates you in construction.