decorative fencing

project description:

This project is a super rigid, eye catching entranceway. Bending was used to form the Presto Panel to follow the angle of the driveway and create an easy flow into the property. For this application 1.5mm hi-tensile Presto Panel was best suited for the maximum bending ability. The higher the gauge or thickness of the steel, the more the steel can be curved or bent. Refer to page 15 of the Presto Handbook for more curving details. The owner chose 4 rails of Presto Panel for high impact, further enhancing the ambience, a statement of strength and quality.

Why Presto Panel is the best solution:

Presto Panel creates impressive fencing and entrance ways. It’s rolled edges increase safety whilst the hills and valleys give the profile strength and definition. It is available in hi-tensile galvanised and colour coated steel. Supplied cut to length and curved according to your requirements, the panel attaches to the post simply with tek screws. Ending caps can be applied to complete the edges (refer to page19 of the Presto handbook). Presto is easy to install, and has galv coating on the steel which guarantees you less maintenance and a longer lifespan.